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Antofy Risk Disclosures

Antofy Mainnet Beta is provided on an AS-IS and AS-AVAILABLE basis. The documentation contains statements about technical specifications, some of which may relate to future versions of Antofy rather than its current implementation.

Attack Vectors/Security

  • This is a Mainnet Beta and not a Mainnet release of Antofy, and assessments are ongoing. Your data and crypto-assets may be at risk as a result of bugs or otherwise.

  • Antofy technology is novel. As such, there may be unanticipated issues and risks associated with your use of the technology. For example, there may be errors that result in losing data or crypto-assets.

  • Cross-blockchain bridging may be subject to cyberattacks and exploits including, without limitation, hacks that exploit a vulnerability in the software, hardware, systems or equipment associated with any bridge component, smart contracts, and related systems.

Network Availability/Performance

As this is a Mainnet Beta, Antofy may be slow or unavailable from time to time without notice, which could result in unexpected loss of use or data or crypto-assets. Before engaging in high value transactions, be mindful that there may be time delays before transactions are finalized.

Decentralization Progress

Antofy Labs is in the process of further decentralizing Antofy Blockchain. This refers to the process of gradually increasing decentralization of the system over time.

  • The Mainnet Beta will have some centralized features, such as the Sequencer and Aggregator (Prover), that Antofy Labs currently maintains in an effort to provide greater security at this time. The Sequencer has the ability to delay the inclusion of a transaction and otherwise reorder transactions.

  • Security of Antofy Mainnet Beta is a continuous process. This process includes responding to security concerns, which depends on the Security Council. The Security Council consists of 8 individuals who are empowered to upgrade Antofy Mainnet Beta without a timelock to respond to urgent security issues. If members of the Council behave maliciously or collude, then the integrity of the system may be compromised including network upgrades that may result in loss of crypto-assets.

  • As the Sequencer and Aggregator are centralized for Mainnet Beta, there are risks for potential network downtime and outages, including those that are outside the control of Antofy Labs.

  • During the initial phase of the Mainnet Beta release, users will not be able to force transactions on Layer 1.

Gas Fees

If the gas fees associated with a proposed transaction are too low, it is possible that such transaction will not be sequenced and that those fees may be lost.

Security Audits

  • Antofy Labs’ implementation of Antofy Blockchain has been carefully constructed, was audited by several internal and external parties, and is continuously being reviewed and tested against engineering best practices. It is, however, unlikely that all potential bugs or vulnerabilities were identified through these audits and thus there may be undiscovered vulnerabilities that may put user funds at risk. Users should consider this risk when deciding how much value to place onto the Antofy Mainnet Beta.

  • There is a robust bug bounty program for Antofy Blockchain to help encourage the community to find critical bugs in the codebase. Head over to the Antofy Bug Bounty.