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📍 Roadmap

  • Birth of the Antofy
  • Launch of the Antofy website
  • Elaboration of the Tokenomics design details
  • Elaboration of the Consensus design details
  • Development of the Tokenomics simulation

(work in progress)

  • Publication of the Introduction section of the documentation
  • Elaboration of the Message Routing design details
  • Elaboration of the mechanics
  • Publication of the documents
  • Antofy Dex Aggregator Launch

(Q3-Q4 2023)

  • Publication of the Tokenomics section
  • Blockchain selection for ABN token
  • Detailing of the Antofy blockchain architecture
  • Development of docs Portal
  • ABN Trading Pool Launch (BNB/USDT)
  • ABN First CEX Listing
  • Antofy Bridge Launch
  • Antofy Dex Launch
  • Antofy Explorer Launch
  • Antofy Dex Staking Launch

Antofy Rollups launch (Q3 2024)

  • Launch of the Antofy Blockchain Rollups
  • Development of the Rollups Bridge Portal interface
  • Writing the article: Public Cluster
  • Designing the Rollups eco system